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Looking to further your understanding of the Bible from the Sunday morning sermon you just heard? Look no more than the wide variety of Sunday School classes we have! If you think Sunday School is just for your kids,  with lessons about David and Goliath or Moses & the Red Sea, well think again. We've got a class for couples, a class for young adults, a class for elderly, and of course a class for kids. Each class dives deep into Scripture and creates a sense of community with people in similar life stages. Classes start after Fellowship Time Sunday mornings.

Adult Class

Our Adult Sunday School Class led by Pastor Paul Doctorian, has been a place where Spiritual formation takes place. Our deeper study of the Word inspires us to live lives of holiness. Question & Answer times teaches us of some of the hard sayings of the Old Testament. Spiritual growth is our goal.

Couples Class

Our Couples Class is led by Sam and Arsho Demirdjian. Starting off with a time of singing, the class then moves to reading from Scripture and into the lesson of the day. Lessons are based off the Nazarene Church curriculum. However, every few weeks, a member of the class will bring forward a "difficult" topic regarding current events (one where there are more sides of popular belief). The class then discusses this topic through guided dialogue. 

Young Adults

Our Young Adults class, led by Pastor Jonathan Doctorian, goes deeper into Scripture. It's structured as a discussion-based class rather than a lecture type. This encourages dialogue and participation from all who attend. If you are looking ways to talk about and share some of the looming questions in your mind,  this class is for you!


Our Kids Sunday School class is led by Sarine Babikian. The class' goal is helping little hearts to know Jesus and bringing fellowship through music, storytelling, sing-a-long, and playtime :)

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